La Lune s’est
posée au Havre

Arthur Gosse

Square Saint-Roch

Temporary work of Art Lieu : Square St Roch

La Lune s’est posée au Havre*. The heavenly body has landed in one of the basins of Square Saint Roch, defying gravity and surrounded by lush vegetation. This surrealistic vision lays the foundations for a fabulous story.

The moon could not have landed in a better place than in this romantic and green environment. Usually elusive, the moon becomes tangible. Its surface evokes the grainy texture of the reconstructed city centre concrete buildings.

The similarities between the heavenly body and the port city do not end there. Arthur Gosse, the designer of this artwork, summarises : « Le Havre is like the moon : it is grey, far away, and nobody goes there, even though it is a fascinating place. »

Emulating the moon, Le Havre exercises a power of attraction on travellers by arousing their curiosity. This allegorical installation will play its part, by convincing the naysayers to come to Le Havre to have their breath taken away – if not by the city – by the very presence of the moon there.

Arthur Gosse finished his studies in graphic design at the High School of Art & Design of Le Havre & Rouen (ESADHaR). Born in Brittany, Arthur Gosse has always lived to the rhythm of the tides. Fascinated by the maritime environment, the artist works on living species and their proliferation, drawing inspiration from biological organisms. This artwork is presented as part of a partnership between Un Été Au Havre and the Art, Media, and Environment department of ESADHaR. Each summer, art installations proposed by the student artists are selected and added to the programme.

*The moon has landed in Le Havre

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