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City of le Havre

There’s a breath of fresh air blowing through Le Havre

A reconstructed city centre that features on the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage List, monumental works of art in the public space and an exceptional waterfront make Le Havre the essential seaside destination this summer.

As heir to a history that led it to reinvent itself, it embodies the laboratory of modern architecture in France. It has rubbed shoulders with contemporary art since 2017 with its artistic season A Summer in Le Havre. This summer event provides the stage for a real transformation of the urban landscape. An open-air museum, contemporary artworks line the city streets to the delight of residents and tourists alike. Le Havre invites you to take a stroll and enjoy the great outdoors, with the added bonus of a succession of exceptional panoramas from the heights over the entire city centre and beach. For those who like to take things easy, access to the beach in the heart of the city offers a truly wonderful surprise. So why not treat yourself to a stopover of art and inspiration that’s "made in LH", in one of the trendiest cities of the moment!


Since 2017, facilitation of the works or certain exhibitions of A Summer in Le Havre has been provided by two local associations which work in tandem.

The MARC association, which has brought together facilitation professionals in Le Havre since 2010, is particularly committed to raising awareness among the public, and the tourist and cultural structures linked to A Summer in Le Havre, of the artistic content of the works or exhibitions presented as part of the event. Each season, the MARC association's mission is to create a programme of events related to the works for different audiences. It also carries out: the recruitment and training of a mediation team, the creation of tools allowing different approaches to works by all types of audiences, the monitoring and development of accessibility to works and exhibitions for audiences with disabilities, etc.

Created for the 2017 season of A Summer in Le Havre, the MédiAction integration project is part of the social and solidarity economy.

Based on the principle of solidarity and social utility, MédiAction offers a springboard to employment and socio-professional integration.

The team of MédiAction employees is trained in reception and facilitation techniques, with particular attention paid to personal development.

Also approved by Education Nationale, MédiAction intervenes throughout the year on missions and projects promoting development of the region.


A Summer in Le Havre sets out to help visitors better understand accessibility issues.

The places and works are therefore accessible, unless otherwise stated. On the fold-out map and website, the details are given in the Practical Information section of each work to better prepare your visit.

Specific tools and tours are also provided in the section below.

For individuals

Visitors who are deaf and hard of hearing

Picto malentendant
Picto malentendant

Discover the works with a translation into French Sign Language and subtitles, by consulting the youtube channel of A Summer in Le Havre: link / visual

A work from A Summer in Le Havre, signed and spoken: the facilitation is accompanied by an interpretation in French Sign Language and is open to the deaf, hard of hearing and hearing public.

Free use for approximately 30 minutes. No booking required. Check out the dates: visual / link to the dedicated page

Blind or visually impaired visitors

Picto non voyants

An audio description kit can be borrowed free of charge from the Maison de l’Été throughout the season, in exchange for an identity document.

It contains:

  • An MP3 containing audio description tracks on the works in the permanent collection,
  • A tactile booklet accompanying this audio description,
  • A few objects or pieces of work to touch.
A 3D tactile model of one of the works is also available at the Maison de l’Été.


Picto handicap intellectuel

An ERU (Easy to Read and Understand) booklet can be borrowed free of charge from the Maison de l'Été throughout the season, in exchange for an identity document.

It can also be consulted on site at the Maison de l'Été or at certain works when facilitators are present.

You can find it here :  

For groups

Contact the MARC association, which coordinates facilitation for A Summer in Le Havre, to organise a specific visit for a group (free service) : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

07 69 60 07 28

Prepare your stay

Rediscover the city with visits adapted to your centres of interest, modes of travel and length of visit. ImFrom organising your trip to arriving in Le Havre, we provide good advice on the thousand and one ways to discover the city, the routes to visit, and great places to sleep and eat. During A Summer in Le Havre, you canagine browsing through the works of art in the city, discovering new exhibitions in exceptional places, observing the perspectives of the urban landscape on the sea horizon, etc. Apartments in the Perret style, designer or boutique hotels with spa, personalised offers for a weekend as a couple or with family … the Tourist Office offers suitable accommodation for a successful stay. In the city centre, on the beach or in unusual places, your discovery continues with the addition of cafeterias and restaurants, from drinks with friends to tasting fish, shellfish, cheeses, desserts, dishes and other ingredients of Normandy cuisine. A Summer in Le Havre will make you want to extend your stay.


in Le Havre

in Le Havre

Move In le Havre


Information and sales


- La Boutique Hôtel de Ville sector
9, Rue René Coty, Hôtel de Ville stop

  • Monday to Friday: 9.00am – 6.00pm (doors close at 5.50pm)

  • Saturdays and school holidays: 10.00am – 5.00pm (doors close at 4.50pm)

- Station Gares sector
bus station forecourt, Gares stop

  • Monday to Saturday: 7.00am – 7.00pm (doors close at 6.50pm)

Tram and bus station – Automatic Ticket Dispensers

Prices: €1.80 per ticket valid for 1 hour, €4.50 for the day, €15.50 for 10 x 1 hour tickets


Intended for travellers with a mobile phone, the SMS pass is available on all types of phones accepting premium SMS.

Prices: €1.80 per ticket valid for one hour

Send "1H" to 93 333


It connects the upper town and the lower town of Le Havre. The journey takes about 3 minutes between the upper station (Rue Félix Faure) and the lower station (Place Thiers).


  • Monday to Saturday: 7.30am to 9.00pm: one trip every 6 to 10 minutes

  • Sundays and public holidays: 7.30am to 7.30pm: one trip every 10 minutes


Upper station: lines 1, 3, 5, 6, 7 (G.Lafaurie)
Lower station: line 2 (R.Coty) - lines 1, 3, 5, 7 (Place Thiers)

Price: 50c

All timetables in real time on the LiA website and on the LiA app (free on the AppStore and GooglePlay)


Hire points

Agence LIA vélos
189, Rue de Paris

Agence LIA vélos
189, rue de Paris 

  • Monday to Saturday 11.00am to 7.00pm

LIA vélos La Plage
Mobile hire point
Esplanade de la Plage
  • During the summer only, for daily rentals

Daily hire:

  • Standard bike: free

  • Folding bike: €8

  • Electric bike: €10

  • Cargo bike: €12

  • Tandem bike: €12

Information and bookings

Call: 02 35 22 34 33


By train

Intercité Paris Rouen Le Havre (2hr15)
TGV Lyon Rouen Le Havre (4hr40) and Marseille (6hr30)


A13 Paris Rouen Caen 2hr30
A29 Amiens 2hr

BY BUS from Calvados

L39 Express Caen Le Havre — 1hr30
L50 Lisieux — 1hr20
L20 Caen along the coast via Deauville — 3hr


Le Havre: sea and river cruise port
Portsmouth (cross-Channel line)


accessibility provided by airports

Le Havre/Octeville
Paris Beauvais Paris Orly Paris Roissy