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Bassin du Commerce 76600 Le Havre

Anchored in the Bassin du Commerce, two powerful jets of water set approximately 60 metres apart from each other spurt intermittently and collide in a random interplay, resulting in an ever-changing display. Less frequently, the reflection of the sunlight on the water gives off a mist of iridescent spray that blurs around the edges. In any case, it evaporates after a few minutes of contemplation and listening, leaving the basin to its usual quietness.

Impact is nothing like a regular fountain which flows continuously and peacefully. The water is projected with the power that perhaps reflects the way the elements interact in Le Havre : the wind and the waves collide with force and violence.

Its recurring and precious apparition is a kind of ritual that leaves us expecting for more.

This artwork was sponsored by the LH Club.


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Visible every day, from 7 am to 12 am