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Maroussia Rebecq

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Born in 1975, Maroussia Rebecq lives and works in Paris. She leads social innovation projects through Fashion, Art and Culture. Her expertise lies in upcycling, in which she designs and carries out transdisciplinary and collaborative performances, as in Nuit Blanche (2018, Paris), Quinzaine Radieuse (2010–2012, Piacé-le-Radieux), or within the Project Space Le Coeur (2014–2018, Paris). A feminist and committed entrepreneurial artist, she is the founder of the Wise Women society for women in culture and creation and teaches at the Casa 93 school. In 2002, she launched Andrea Crews – an international brand and pioneer of upcycling – whose archives have since joined the collections of the Paris Museum of Decorative Arts. In 2022, she created the Upcycle Solution project, whose goal is to change scale and push the revaluation of industry surplus even further, by creating new links between powerful cultural actors and the wider public.

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Maroussia Rebecq was one of the first figures of fashion to bring the idea of recycling to life, at a time when major brands had little interest in it.