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Emma Biggs

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Kent, UK

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Emma Biggs is an artist who works with mosaic. Her work, for public and private spaces is internationally known.  She seeks to make a link between geography and social history.  The ways in which politics, geography and history interact is the subject matter of all her work, seen through a lens of pattern making and interest in colour.

To give some examples -- ‘Five Sisters’ was an installation in a church in York of medieval pottery sherds from a nearby kiln, which arranges all the seemingly similar fragments according to type and colour, ‘Made in England’ was a wall of decorative ‘backstamps’ (the trademarks printed on the backs of plates and cups from Stoke on Trent, the birth place of English industrial ceramics). ‘Scarlet Thread 1 & 2’ is formed of two colourful geometrical mosaic murals, based on the hues and tones of fine weaving and embroidery, installed in Spitalfields in an area of London known for its famous Huguenot weavers. Other works include award winning public projects in the UK cities of Sheffield and Gosport along with three works in Hamburg, New York and two in Oman.

Biggs has taught mosaic and written a number of books on the subject. She has a degree in Fine Art from Leeds University. 

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