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Architects’ collective

Created in 2013
Based in Marseille

“You bring the sausages, we’ll take care of the rest,” invites Yes We Camp, a Marseille-based association born when the city was named European City of Culture for 2013. That year, the collective set up a camp for committed aesthetes in the L’Estaque district of Marseille, where stylish caravans and tents stood alongside artists residencies, all obeying a set of eco-responsible principles. At Yes We Camp, the vocation is to occupy the city differently, reconnecting with the people who live there. The collective breathes new life into the wastelands in a festive, community-focused way.

In Aubervilliers, an abandoned site in the Quatre Chemins district was thus transformed one springtime, giving it a shared garden, outdoor tearoom and designer picnic area, among other attractions. Another great success is the Grands Voisins project, where the former Saint-Vincent-de Paul hospital in Paris is being temporarily occupied, before the city council begins work on 600 new dwellings there in 2017: Yes We Camp invites the public to the site for debates, sports activities and cultural events, drawing on a network of associations and active stakeholders, taking care to ensure social cohesion among populations living at the site and inventing a new kind of neighborhood life. Yes We Camp takes a light-hearted, recreational approach as it aims to re-establish the sometimes very loose social ties between people living together in cities.

For A Summer in Le Havre, Yes We Camp take part in the Fort de Tourneville rearrangement and design a creative signage providing guidance to the visitors as they embark upon one or all of the four Discovery Tours devised by Jean Blaise. 

Les Grands Voisins, Paris, 2016 © Yes We Camp

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