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All 3 walking tours for A Summer in Le Havre, 2018 start from the Visitor Centre.

All 3 itineraries for A Summer in Le Havre 2018 start in the exact location where Auguste Perret planned the post WWII reconstruction of Le Havre. Registered as Historical monuments in 2017, the buildings of city blocks V40 and V41 are architecturally experimental in Le Havre, a city of concrete and light and a Unesco World Heritage Site.
In Auguste Perret Square, halfway between the Town Hall and the Volcano, near the Heritage House, visitor centre welcomes people in a place refurbished by young visual artist-scenographer Kevin Cadinot, a new associate artist with the Le Havre Bunch. Every day, Le Havre’s inhabitants and visitors receive a friendly welcome as well as all the information they need to fully enjoy the artworks, exhibitions and major events that are part of A Summer in Le Havre, 2018.

By the beach, the Information Desk (186 boulevard Clemenceau) also helps visitors along their artistic journeys to discover the city’s heritage.

125, rue Victor Hugo / Place Perret - 76600 Le Havre

Mobile : 06 58 28 20 45

Monday-Sunday 10am-7pm

Tram A et B (station Hôtel de Ville)
Bus 1, 2, 3, 4, 7 (station George V)

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