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Light installation

EDF Chimneys
from 27 May  to 23 September 


476 LEDS on 2 chimneys

Le Havre has always been very outward-looking: its trawlers set out to fish in Newfoundland, its cruise liners sailed to New York and today, its cargo ships head out north and south across the world’s seas. But what if Le Havre turned its gaze even further, or set its sights even higher? What if it became a cosmic port? These were the thoughts of Félicie d'Estienne d'Orves when she converted the EDF power plant, located on the banks of the René Coty basin, into a space beacon.

As from 27 May 2017, the plant’s two smokestacks will exhale in time with Mars and Venus respectively, lighting up at variable intervals adjusted to the 'light time’ of the two planets - in other words the time it would take to travel from Mars to Earth or Venus to Earth, at the speed of light. Every photon that falls from Venus and Mars generates for a few seconds a light pulse representing the time it would take to travel from the Moon to the Earth at the speed of light (1,27s approx.). 

A way for Le Havre to beat to the pulse of the solar system.

In partnership with Fabio Acero, astrophysician at the AIM/CNRS laboratory. Ephemeris data: NASA.

Practical info

Light installation

Venus and Mars

Félicie d'Estienne d'Orves

EDF Chimneys
27 May  / 23 September 

EDF Chimneys
1 Route du Môle Central
76600 Le Havre

  • Visitors with physical disabilities
  • Visitors with hearing impairment
  • Visitors with mental disabilities



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Discovery tour

Étape 10 du Blue Tour



How to get here
- Bus: line 8 C. Desmoulins Stop


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