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Since 2017, two local associations have been collaborating to train visitor welcome assistants to work on some of the artworks and exhibitions presented during Un Été Au Havre.

Founded in 2010, MARC is a local association gathering arts and culture professionals. One of its main purposes is to provide information on the artistic aspects of the works and exhibitions presented during Un Été Au Havre to all kinds of audiences, including other professionals from the tourism and cultural sectors. MARC is also in charge of making sure the artworks and exhibitions are easily accessible : support during the design phase of the discovery tours, organisation of training courses, monitoring of the accessibility conditions for persons with impairments, etc. 

The MédiAction integration project was launched on the occasion of Un Été Au Havre 2017, with the ambition to encourage and support professional integration. MédiAction is in charge of training a small team of visitor welcome assistants, with a particular emphasis being put on personal development, to foster better communication skills and greater self-confidence. The trained employees are then able to work for various entities and on various projects.

Trained and supervised by these two associations, these visitor welcome assistants will provide further explanations and answer (almost) all questions on some of the artworks and exhibitions. Easily recognisable by their electric blue outfit, they are available from 10 am to 6 pm.

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