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Permanent work of art

Plage du Bout du Monde
Since June 23, 2018

When Fabien Mérelle first heard about the “End of the World” beach, he felt slightly uncomfortable. As the grandson of immigrants, he has always thought of the sea as a bridge between two shores and simply cannot imagine a universe with boundaries and nothing beyond. First visiting the site, he was immediately struck by its power: «There’s a steep cliff, foam and pebbles wasted up by the sea, all shaping the landscape far more than we’ll ever be able to. Amidst all this turmoil, where space and time cease to exist, it seemed obvious that I should restore warmth and humanity. I wanted to create a man, a family man (the artist himself, incidentally) focused on protecting his greatest treasure, i.e. his child, (his own daughter, Laura), from the chaos that surrounds. I wanted this to be a totem, an exclamation point expressing the warmth of the human heart.» Braving the elements, this 6.24m high resin sculpture, (an oblique reference to the framework chosen by Auguste Perret, for the post WWII reconstruction of Le Havre), has white pebbles rolling at its feet. Facing NYC, it looks out to sea and towards the future, well beyond the end of the world...

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Permanent work of art

Jusqu'au Bout du monde

Rising 6.24 metres above the pebbles, this white resin sculpture is an invitation to look out to the sea

Plage du Bout du Monde
Since June 23, 2018

Plage du Bout du Monde
76310 Sainte-Adresse

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Tram A et B (station La Plage)
Bus 1 (station Albert 1er)
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