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Dynamic installation

Esplanade de la plage
Du 23 juin au 23 septembre

Veit Stratmann is not one to confine his artworks to a museum... quite the opposite! It is in the outdoors that the art he has been creating over almost 30 years flourishes, playfully interacting with visitors and public spaces, without much concern for beauty, value or what people might say.
Les Anneaux are a highly entertaining testimony: imagine nine plastic stadium seats, set on a circular structure mounted on wheels; multiply this by three and you get what Veit Stratmann calls «mobile sculptures».
Passers-by are free to sit down on these small chairs, become “passengers” and animate their Rings as they choose to make them move.

Practical info

Dynamic installation

Les Anneaux

Veit Stratmann

Esplanade de la plage
Du 23 juin au 23 septembre

Esplanade de la plage
76600 Le Havre




Du 23 juin au 23 septembre


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Discovery tour

Étape 16 du Blue Tour
Étape 11 du Green Tour



How to get here
Tram A et B (station La Plage)
Bus 1 (station La Plage)
  • Bar
  • Bike parking
  • Free parking
  • Information desk
  • Catering
  • Snacks
  • WC
  • Rest area
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