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Artiste, designer
Commissaire d’exposition

Patrick Murphy is a British artist, designer, and curator. He works across a wide range of media and projects, from print work to large-scale art installations.

In addition to his individual art projects such as Belonging (2012), which consisted of the installation of hundreds of colourful pigeons in public places during the Liverpool Biennial, or Neon River (2018), which reproduced the course of the River Dearne (England) using a laser beam, Patrick Murphy is also the founder and director of design-centric events such as the Sheffield Design Week and the founder of the Modernist Guides, a series of city guides focusing on design and modern architecture in international cities. Patrick Murphy's conceptual approach is contextual : familiar objects and places are the starting points for individual or collaborative projects.

The landscapes we are familiar with and the elements and objects which constitute them result from multiple intents or chances taken by Patrick Murphy. In that sense, his exhibitions and art projects have the same purpose : to draw our attention and raise our curiosity towards what surrounds us. This way, everything we are familiar with becomes subject to questioning and in search for meaning.

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