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Helen Evans (Royaume-Uni, 1972) Heiko Hansen (Allemagne, 1970)
Vivent et travaillent au Havre

Helen Evans (United Kingdom, 1972)

Heiko Hansen (Germany, 1970)

Work and live in Le Havre

HeHe is an artist duo composed of Helen Evans and Heiko Hansen.

Over the last twenty years, HeHe's creations have explored the social and ecological issues resulting from the industrialisation of landscapes and of the world in general. At the crossroads between immersive installations and experimental creations, their works combine various art forms to facilitate the involvement of the audience.

The installations designed by this artist duo make the environmental damage caused by the extraction, transformation, and use of energy perceptible and symbolic. Sometimes, they try to imagine alternative means of travelling (The Train Project).

Clouds of smoke, diabolical machines, invasive infrastructures, tinted landscapes, and radiant green colours are elements frequently used by HeHe to represent a disturbing world : ours. However, these creations inspired by reality are not intended to frighten us. They depict these critical issues, make fun of them, and propel them into our everyday lives to enable us to address them through our senses and emotions. With ingenuity and without slipping into dogmatism, HeHe explores this grey area between industry and ecology through light-hearted or poetic inventions.
HeHe has taken part in numerous French, European, and international art exhibitions and events. Their work on art and air pollution has won several awards, such as Ars Electronica's Golden Nica Award, in 2008, for their monumental Nuage Vert project, consisting in projecting green light on clouds of smoke from thermal power stations. Helen Evans and Heiko Hansen both teach at the High Shool of Art & Design of Le Havre & Rouen (ESADHaR), where they are in charge of the Art, Media, and Environment (AME) department.

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