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“The University of Le Havre’s development has always taken its environment into account, aware of the specific context of this outward-looking port city.

The university’s strategic orientations are in tune with the characteristics of the industrial port economy and its specific historical, heritage and cultural attributes, reflecting an ongoing desire to maintain real synergies with other participants in local development. The university proclaims to be a ‘stakeholder in the city’ through its contribution to its cultural and social life.

Our young university is proud to be part of the ‘cité de la Porte Océane’ and is particularly excited about the upcoming festivities which will celebrate a spirit of solidarity and innovation. A Summer in Le Havre will give us a unique opportunity to validate our shared goals and ambitions, to the benefit of all!” 

Pascal Reghem

Pascal Reghem © ULH


  • Director of the University's IT Resource Centre, from its founding in 1995 to 2001
  • Voted Member of the Board of Directors in 2000, he became its Vice-President serving from 2007 to 2012, in charge of Finance and Human Resources
  • Member of the Le Havre Research Group in Electrotechnics and Automation of Le Havre (GREAH)
  • Since 2013, chair of the Le Havre Conference of Institutions of Higher Learning and Research
  • University Lecturer in Electrical Engineering
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