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Shooted in Le Havre

TV series produced by Fabrice TEMPO and Emmanuelle CAQUILLE (JMF Productions)
With Olivier SALADIN
Broadcast on the France 3 Normandie channel

The show’s title combines a local vernacular expression which, depending on your intonation, expresses surprise or admiration, and the initials of the 500-year-old city.

The idea: a cabin with two larger-than-life characters telling the story of Le Havre: La Cambuse and LiLi, a colorful, intergenerational double-act.

La Cambuse: a nickname that evokes an ancient seafarer. With his navy blue cap firmly pulled down on his head, he spends his days on the seafront, fishing, shelling or just watching the horizon. His gruff attitude barely conceals his authentic generosity. A poet and a philosopher, he has sailed the seven seas but never forgotten his home port. His story-telling talent draws us in to his lively tales. His years of experience have endowed him with sound common sense. He features alongside young Lili, playing the role of her grandfather, big brother, teacher and poet. Olivier Saladin plays La Cambuse.

Lili: Lili is representative of her generation and of Le Havre, a city that has experienced every kind of migration. She’s at ease with herself and her mischievous smile is a sign of a sharp mind. She’s tuned in, quick-witted and cheerful. The red of her pullover is a nod to Zazie or the red balloon that floated through Paris, freed from the urban landscape like a lantern you have to run behind to keep up with. Lili is to be played by a young girl from Le Havre, selected during auditions this summer.

Image © Marc Bruckert pour JMF Productions

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Shooted in Le Havre

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