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Born in 1933
Died in 2013

Matti Suuronen was a Finnish architect from the Modernist Movement like Auguste Perret and Oscar Niemeyer. He became internationally known for his resolutely original architecural designs made of prefabricated elements that would later be assembled into complete structures. Matti Suuronen is also famous for making novel use of materials such as polyester resin and fibreglass. His creations include petrol stations, kiosks, and buildings whose completely curved designs suggest a science fiction universe.

He became best known for making the Futuro and Venturo houses, a series of transportable houses which are symbolic of the utopia of the 1960s – an era characterised by a strong economy and the belief that the use of new technologies would result in a more comfortable lifestyle for all.

Today, Matti Suuronen's works are spread all over the world. They are invaluable testimonies of times gone by which have not lost any of their visual appeal.

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