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In the CODAH districts

Les Improbables Company
Travelling performance hall
During the Le Havre 500th anniversary celebrations

The ‘Tout petit théâtre’ is a travelling show venue put together to commemorate the 500th anniversary of Le Havre and set to tour the districts of Le Havre and its conurbation.

The ‘Tout petit théâtre’ from Les Improbables is a unique travelling performance hall. Built by the company and funded as part of the Le Havre 500th anniversary celebrations, the theatre can be set up to put on performances anywhere, at a school, for example or in a field, a square or a courtyard. The idea is to get as many city dwellers as possible involved in the anniversary by taking the show out to where they live. 

The creation is new for this year but will become a permanent part of the Le Havre’s cultural scene, serving the entire territory.

The opening show will be held on March 1st, in front of the Petit Théâtre.  The ‘Tout petit théâtre’ will then tour the different neighborhoods of the city and its conurbation.  Coming soon... somewhere near you!

Image @ Les Improbables

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In the CODAH districts

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