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“In January 2017, my declaration of love to the city reads as follows: Perched on the edge of the country, it embraces the sea, with a sky that takes your breath away and the dramatic Hollywood-style lighting accents the artistic installations. Larger than life, Le Havre has unexpectedly become a model city of significance. Water, air, light and shelter are what we all seek and we have encouraged the artists invited this year to take inspiration from the influence of the elements.

The plan is to consolidate and help A Summer in Le Havre become a permanent event in the city’s calendar, going forward in 2018 and 2019.
Although this was not the original plan, this means enabling some installations to become permanent displays. This is the case for Shipping Container Arches by Vincent Ganivet, UP#3 by Lang/Baumann, Colours on the Beach by Karel Martens and Impact, a creation of Stéphane Thidet; artworks that are now an integral part of the city. Others, though less visible, including Parabola by Alexandre Moronnoz in Caucriauville, Baptiste Debombourg’s Ghost Gardens in the King’s Harbour Basin and Chevalvert’s Time Suspended at the Hanging Gardens have also found their place.So the story continues and there will be many more wonderful events happening in Le Havre this summer.”

Artistic Director, A Summer in Le Havre



  • From 2000 to 2010, served as Director of « Le Lieu Unique »
  • 2002, initiated « Nuit Blanche » in Paris
  • 2011, created « Le Voyage à Nantes »
  • 2014, became Chairman of the National Working Group for Art and Culture in the Public Space
  • Since 2015, has been Artistic Director of <i>A Summer in Le Havre</i>
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