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Graffiti artist

Born in 1973 in Le Havre
Lives on Reunion Island

Gouzou is a small character with no eyes or a mouth but brimming with poetry, visible on walls all around Réunion Island. Jace was only 19 when he first enjoyed success with his graffiti art on this French island, where he is seen as a real pioneer.

He is still based there, in the Indian Ocean, but crosses the seas at every opportunity. He has also left his trace in Le Havre, his native city to which he returns regularly, scattering his gouzous across the urban landscape, delighting his many fans who will track down, comment and contribute to the treasure hunt run on social media during A Summer in Le Havre. Jace has also stamped the gouzou seal on thirty or so other countries, including the United States, Madagascar, China, Luxembourg and Brazil.

He experiences his works of art as a series of challenges to the early 21st-century established geopolitical order. Yet Jace is also a catalyst for love, a vector for poetry, his style and his message excitedly reflecting his multi-ethnic culture, his thirst for travel, his yearning to share and his love for life... although often with a spicy hint of ‘moucate’ (mockery in Creole). But always with a keen sense of humility and tolerance.

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