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A Summer in Le Havre started last year as a commemoration of the 500th anniversary of its founding. Artistic Director Jean Blaise orchestrated this monumental celebration, drawing crowds of over two million visitors. Many wonderful memories remain, especially the collection of original artworks displayed throughout the city’s streets, like buoys for the whole world to see. Shipping Container Arches by Vincent Ganivet, UP#3 by Lang/ Baumann, Colours on the Beach by Karel Martens and Impact by Stéphane Thidet are now an integral part of the city’s identity. Other works like Parabola by Alexandre Moronnoz in Caucriauville, Ghost Gardens by Baptiste Debombourg in the King’s Harbour Basin and Suspended In Time by Chevalvert in the Hanging Gardens have gradually earned their place, as is the case for the mural display Given a Wall, and the Fort! of my Havre display or Jace’s 50 Gouzous from Catch Me If You (Spray) Can.
A Summer in Le Havre 2017 has come and gone, leaving in its wake bright rays of sunshine that light up the city... as we embark on A Summer in Le Havre 2018 and illuminate the city all over again.


Summer is here! Inherently a little less spectacular than the 2017 edition (not every year is a 500th anniversary), A Summer in Le Havre 2018 still promises some lovely rays of sunshine. Created from the city’s natural elements of air, fire and water, Jean Blaise’s programme will be visually stunning and acoustically astonishing, inspiring a wonderfully warm atmosphere. In an artistic, playful mix of genres and people, this summer in Le Havre brings together a weighty elephant, a flying saucer that serves as a house or vice versa, a larger-than-life father and daughter, stadium seats on wheels, more than 100 guitarists playing on the beach, a beach that ignites, concrete walls that speak, a Council counselling tapestry, a Fort! Better, larger, stronger this year indeed, not to mention the exhibition flotilla, where the dreamy surf meets a little man in blue and white striped pyjamas, where landscapes turn into fiction and animals into Mother Nature’s genies, where The Dark Energy of the Wave strikes the bells of The Portico... So, what are you waiting for? Come join The Summer right now!

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