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Inaugural day

Pré Fleuri, Caucriauville

A series of shipping containers, a symbol of the city’s port activity and history, have been highjacked by Fanny Bouyagui to create a larger-than-life urban installation!

The containers have been entirely covered in sparkling gold and dazzle in their Pré-Fleuri setting. Inside, they contain a photographic set-up designed to produce the portraits of thousands of Le Havre residents. A snapshot of the city and its inhabitants on one special day! And the start of an epic photographic venture that will come to an end in October 2017.

On 27 May 2017, anyone can come along and enter one of the Golden Cubes, where they will find an astonishing character set against a bizarre backdrop. Once inside, they will have their portrait taken!

A little further along in the Pré-Fleuri, there is a wishing tree, ready to collect the ribbons on which passers-by are urged to write messages of love and other thoughts and wishes. Between the portrait area and the wishes that flutter in the breeze, there will be a gathering place, designed by Julien Kieffer and hosting DJs and offbeat performers from London.

© Art Point M – Fanny Bouyagui

Practical info

Inaugural day

Golden cubes

An urban installation created by Fanny Bouyagui – Art Point M

Pré Fleuri, Caucriauville
May 27 from 11am to 6pm

Pré Fleuri, Caucriauville
Avenue Vladimir Komarov 76600 Le Havre


Are you a keen amateur or professional photographer and equipped with your own camera? Art Point M and its artistic director, Fanny Bouyagui, need you!
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