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Heritage site

55, rue du 329e régiment d’infanterie
Built around 1860

Multidisciplinary cultural space

Fort de Tourneville is a 6-hectare military brownfield site that was abandoned in the 1980s and has been property of the City of Le Havre since then.  The site has been occupied sporadically over the years but rarely open to the public. Recently, however, the City council decided to work together with a number of local associations to ‘co-construct’ (design and implement) various projects to turn the site into a multidisciplinary cultural space open to everyone.

This led to the creation of Le Tetris in September 2013, a project initiated and managed by the association known as Papa’s Production, then Le Sonic, designed and produced by CEM (Centre d’Expressions Musicales). Over recent years, Fort de Tourneville has thus enjoyed new impetus as different organizations have moved in. Theatre, music and the visual arts have all set up stall here, alongside other activities such as model-making, archival services and even a business incubator.  

The Fort’s residents have now come together in an association to promote the site and ensure it thrives as a lively venue open to visitors from every background. The aim is to coordinate the activities of its various members, taking a participatory approach to stimulate and facilitate community life. The ultimate goal is for the Fort to become a vibrant, shared space, providing its residents and the people of Le Havre with a new warm and welcoming public space.

It is a new kind of cultural venue, responding to a number of local development issues as a constantly evolving, multi-functional space, working on a collegial, citizen-led basis. It is a place where artists seize and rekindle our imagination.
The association is working on a joint project for creative redevelopment that also involves the Fort’s users, inhabitants of the neighboring district and, more generally, its visitors. The renovation project takes a creative, eco-friendly approach, encouraging encounters between art and people. It is destined to become a permanent home for creation, but the Fort also stands out for its extensive garden, now under development and set to provide an attractive, welcoming place open to culture.

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Practical info

Heritage site

Fort !

55, rue du 329e régiment d’infanterie
Built around 1860

55, rue du 329e régiment d’infanterie
76620 Le Havre






Free Access

Discovery tour

Étape 8 du Red Tour


Free guided every days 9 am/18 pm

How to get here
- Bus: lines 1, 4, 5, 6 and 7
  • Free parking
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