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Visual artist

Born in 1981
Lives in Tours

« To work meticulously in order to make the unthinkable thinkable » : these are the words used by Fabien Mérelle when describing his drawing technique. This artist likes to dwell on his drawings for as long as possible, adding as many details as necessary to reach an impressive level of realism.
However, the situations he depicts put human beings at the heart of a metaphorical fantasy world : body metamorphoses, animality, sensations of vertigo... almost always taking place on an infinitely blank space. 
The character wearing pyjamas in his works is the artist himself as he describes personal situations through riddles – fragments of a family history or an intimate narrative we are invited to share. The void is left open to the imagination of the viewer to project his or her own story.

When Fabien Mérelle's drawing takes the form of a sculpture, the purpose is to describe a relationship – like these fragmented embraces displayed in Hong Kong in 2017, which are sensitive testimonies of moments he shared with his father. Fabien Mérelle's works are a combination of tenderness and strength, on a human scale.

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