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Visual artist

Born in 1981
Lives in Tours

«Work meticulously to make the unthinkable conceivable»: says Fabien Mérelle when he describes his way of drawing.

By detailing each image at length, the artist gives the scenes a concrete appearance. These surrealist scenes assemble elements of reality as do dreams or nightmares: humans mutate into animals or plants, houses are precarious huts; falls look like flights. The vacuum, very present on the sheet, places these situations in an uncertain and open world. 

The drawings sometimes become sculptures, as was the case in 2013 in Hong Kong with Pentateuque, or in 2019 in Antwerp with Faucon, Merle, Mérelle and Tourterelle. In the form of drawings or volumes, these oddities depict the artist himself, dressed in pajamas, or his relatives. Like dreams or nightmares, these enigmatic, metaphorical images seem to contain hidden meanings. They appear in the mirror of the dreams of every ordinary person, who experiences his daily life and his anxieties. 

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