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Le Tetris - Fort de Tourneville
from 23 June  to 23 September 

Parcours rouge


Conceived and developed by Charles Carcopino Landscapes.

Fiction is an exhibition trail of stories invented by seventeen authors with different aesthetics. Landscapes, a universal muse for all artists, are at its core. Through artistic, visual or int eractive forms, artists invite their audience to view nature either controlled or subli - mated, interacting with the various elements in its makeup, such as colours, lights and movements, and then pr ojecting them into stories, which often turn the audience into the author.
A change of scenery is guaranteed...
Guest artists: HeHe, Justine Emard, David de Tscharner, Fabien Léaustic, Claire Isorni, Jung Yeondoo, Jacques Perconte, Laurent Pernot, Niklas Roy, Naïmé Perrette, Bertrand Lamarche, Gabriel Lester, Mischa Daam, Quentin Euverte and Florimond Dupont, Atsunobu Kohira and Olivier Ra tsi.

Exhibit !

Created by The Tetris, a present-day music stage, EXHIBIT! is a multidisciplinary digital festival supported by the Normandy Region. Running from June 23 to September 2, it displays a superb interactive exhibition Landscape.Fiction, with a 3D printer-equipped fab-lab, a laser-cutting machine, lectures, workshops, guided tours and other exhibits throughout the city.

Practical info


Exhibit !


23 June  / 23 September 

Le Tetris - Fort de Tourneville
76620 Le Havre

  • Visitors with physical disabilities
  • Visitors with hearing impairment
  • Visitors with mental disabilities

- Exposition "Paysage-Fiction"
Ouvert 6 jours/7 (fermé le mardi) de 11h à 18h
Visites guidées : 24 juin, 8 juillet, 22 juillet, 5 août, 19 août, 2 septembre à 11 h
- Atelier "FabLab" et boutique
Ouvert 6 jours/7 (fermé le mardi) de 14h à 18h
Consultez le planning des ateliers sur


Entrée libre (visites guidées gratuites)
Ateliers de fabrication 5€ (sur inscription)

Discovery tour

Étape 9 du Red Tour


Visites guidées accessibles (Langue des Signes Française, sensoriel) et visites groupées sur demande à

How to get here
Bus 1, 4, 5, 6, 7 (station Cronstadt)
Places de parking réservées pour les visiteurs à mobilité réduite
Bus "aller" 7 (de la station Place Thiers à la station Georges Lafaurie), "retour" 6 (de la station Cronstadt à la station Sous-préfecture) pour les visiteurs à mobilité réduite
  • Bar
  • Ticket sales
  • Bike parking
  • Free parking
  • Catering
  • Wi-fi
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