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For the 2019 edition of A Summer In Le Havre, the artistic direction of the event has decided to add some promising local artists to its programme.
The focus is on the Art Media Environment (A.M.E.) section of the ESADHaR (Ecole Supérieur d'Art et Design Le Havre-Rouen) whose reflection is based on a dual notion : constructive criticism of our use of media and technology, and reflection on ecology. It is an international project which includes classes in English and in French. This unique course was created in 2017 by the HeHe collective – composed of ESADHaR teachers – under the influence of Thierry Heyden, the director.

Artist duo HeHe is composed of Helen Evans and Heiko Hansen. Through installations and performances, HeHe raises the issue of the ever-increasing energy needs of modern society by "visualising" social, industrial, and ecological paradoxes. 

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