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Since 2019, the artistic direction of Un Été Au Havre has decided to add some promising local artists to the programme, within the frame of a partnership with the Art Media Environment (A.M.E.) section of the Le Havre branch of ESADHaR (Le Havre & Rouen School of Art & Design), whose reflection is based on a dual notion : constructive criticism of our use of media and technology, and reflection on ecology. It is an international project which includes classes in English and in French. 

This unique course was created in 2017 by the HeHe collective – composed of ESADHaR teachers – under the influence of Thierry Heyden, the school director.

Artist duo HeHe is composed of Helen Evans and Heiko Hansen. Through installations and performances, HeHe raises the issue of the ever-increasing energy needs of modern society by « visualising » social, industrial, and ecological paradoxes.  

In 2019, the artistic proposals of two students following the course were selected, and supervised by the HeHe collective :

Antoine Dieu was born in Rouen in 1996. This artist and sportsman fell in love for Le Havre in 2015 and graduated from the ESADHaR in 2018. Like a mad scientist, he cleverly mixes fantasy, love for the game, and irony in all his works. Some of his installations include : a wishing well in which coins float, goal posts with right angles, and a rotting « île flottante » – installed in the hall of the ENSM (French Maritime Academy) of Le Havre – which clearly upset the students. Antoine Dieu is the designer of the Cabanes de plage (Beach cabins) installation.

Baptiste Leroux was born in Paris in 1995. His background includes graphic design studies in Rouen and Art studies at the University of Paris 1. Today, he is pursuing his studies at the ESADHaR, in Le Havre. Inspired by narrative processes and experiments, his works mostly consist of interactive, autonomous, and evolving installations. Shell will settle in the Saint-François district, near the Bassin du Roy.

In 2020, the partnership continues, once again allowing a young promising artist to enter her future professional environment.

Selected to be added to the programme of the 2020 edition, Alice Baude, who was born in 1995, benefits from the same support as all the other artists of the programme regarding the design, production, and promotion of her creation

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