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All over the town

“I ‘landed’ in Le Havre for the first time in my life in February 2016. I still remember those first few minutes when I stepped down from the train and started to explore the city, and when I noticed its very special scent.This was the beginning of a task I had been set, an investigation you might call it. My job was to seek out lively, authentic (in the best sense) bars and photograph their owners.

I wandered around, visiting on foot as I like to do, stopping to talk to the locals in the street and then I started to go in to a few places. I drank too much coffee, I drank too many beers – it’s easy to do here where people are generous and where the person next to you at the bar will often buy you a drink, even if you only met a few minutes ago. Time goes by here, like everywhere else, but it’s different; you talk about anything and everything with the other people at the bar, you read the news and you share your own… there’s no need for a hypnotic TV screen in front of you, there’s plenty of life to see here… bars are still going strong – but for how much longer? Between bars, I would sometimes photograph the city. I started to fall in love with it, with its wind, its skies, its unique outline and all the water there is here.

Some people refused but those who accepted will offer you a warm welcome if you drop in… If you see Dorine, Christian, Amar, Christine and the others, make sure you tell them that the ‘photographer’ sent you.”

Franck Gérard  

Photo © Franck Gérard

Adresses of the joints he visited:

- Le Funiculaire, 80 Rue Maréchal Gallieni

- Le Perrey, 23 Rue Augustin Normand

- Le Senoritas, 100 Rue Anatole France

- Le Trophée, 4 Rue de l'Alma

- Les copains d'abord, 7 Quai Casimir Delavigne

- Le Spi, 47 Chaussée John Kennedy

- Au Caïd, 123 Rue Victor Hugo

- Le Bistrot, 116, avenue René-Coty

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All over the town

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