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Architects’ collective

Created in 2009 at Strasbourg
Based since 2014 in Marseille

Since its founding in 2009, the collective Etc has been dedicated to upbeat exploration of the possibility of blissful frugality, by sharing the resources that make independent thinking and action possible.

Its production comes in many forms: urban and architectural studies, collective construction sites, scenographic design concepts, video productions, meetings, open workshops, teaching and research. The purpose and value of such experiments lie as much in the results they produce as in the processes that generate them, and in the new environments and behaviors to which they give rise. In 2012, the collective produced a Detour of France around the theme, ‘collective city factory’, one year of travel, meetings and constructions that laid down the foundations for action and thinking, step by step.   

After several years as a roving structure, choosing its base according to the projects underway, the collective decided to put down long-term roots in the Belle de Mai district of Marseille, where it has just inaugurated its Ambassade du Turfu, a hybrid venue combining a people's urban planning workshop, a neighborhood office, and a resource center built around issues in local action and collective emancipation. Everything is yet to be built.

As Le Havre turns 500, the collective will bring to fruition an idea that has been on the minds of several players of the Fort de Tourneville for a long time: designing an eco-pasture.  From next May, the collective will run an open construction site to build a small pen for a population of ten sheep, as well as a one-hectare pasture to be open to visitors.

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