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Architects’ collective

Created 1997
Based in Bordeaux

The Bruit de Frigo collective has turned its city into a playground and a site to explore, embellishing, questioning and interpreting the urban space and how we inhabit it. Follow them in their 'Randonnées périurbaines' (‘semi-urban treks’) organized around Bordeaux, taking visitors off the beaten track, turning them into neighborhood adventurers, across fields, hills and vines, but also through housing estates and ruins, along the highways, cutting through territories that pedestrians have long since abandoned.

However, Bruit de Frigo does not only explore communities and the countryside. Bruit de Frigo also transforms those areas, temporarily or permanently, bringing new life into city centers and their peripheral areas. Much like the Grand-rue event held in the Belcier-Carle-Vernet district of Bordeaux in 2014 and 2015, where a kind of utopian street emerged - and remained for a few days - populated by works of art, animated by culinary workshops and film projections, and where you could even sit down and enjoy a massage...

In Paris, these neo-urbanists revitalized Place de la Laïcité in the city’s 15th arrondissement, an innocuous strip of land stuck between the expressway and the RER train tracks, transformed by the collective to create a little haven of community around a large table, protected by anti-noise barriers and a wall for street artists to adorn with their creations, all in a superbly elegant style. In short, Bruit de Frigo reinvigorates our relationship with the city. 

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