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« I have been designing entertaining creations for art venues and public spaces for the last fifteen years. The world where we evolve on a daily basis can be reduced to sheer functional questions. It seemed crucial to me to raise this issue to try to reclaim it. Like a child playing with his toys in his room, I use our daily environment as a playground to put a new perspective forward and to magnify it.

On the occasion of Un Été Au Havre, I would like to present a fun creation raising questions about the world we live in. An artistic installation that could be understood at the first glance while inviting the onlookers to daydreaming thanks to its joyful creativity. My creations tend to leave a smile on people's face through the unconventional use of daily objects that make improbable things possible. By their universal dimension, my artworks blend with the urban landscape and are a way for the locals to escape the hustle and bustle of city life for a while.

My studies in interior architecture and art applied to spatial design helped me sharpen my imagination and experiment with new ways of using space and materials. They also helped me master the techniques I needed to learn to be able to create artworks that would be in line with my ideas. I pay great attention to the details and finishing touches of my artworks so that they look exactly like what I have in mind.

Each of my creations is designed according to a specific context. Therefore, its location is crucial. Since most of my artworks have been displayed in the street, in parks, and in public spaces in general, it seems quite obvious to me to use cars, caravans, buses, public furniture, and even playing fields as raw materials. 

For each project, the issue is to find the perfect balance the architecture, the urban landscape, and the sculpture itself to present the most sensitive and poetic artwork possible. »

Benedetto Bufalino

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