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Born in 1977
Lives in Montreuil, France

Born in 1977, it was after attending a preparatory class for the ENS Cachan in the applied arts section that he entered the ENSCI, Les Ateliers, (National higher school of industrial creation, Les Ateliers, Paris), from where he graduated in 2003. Since then he has worked as an independent designer in Paris. He alternates research with orders and collaborations that allow him to explore different environments.

His initial collaborations for agencies, alongside his own projects for orders and research, led him to develop contextual design where working in a team provides opportunities to map out new proposals for objects or spaces.

Each project is an opportunity for him to use a particular approach to design, through exploratory or research projects, or, through orders whose practical challenges are a stimulus to the emergence of new objects.

His urban seating projects were an opportunity to explore new ways of seeing, understanding and taking ownership of shared spaces. This research has earned him awards: a design star in 2009 for the Muscle project developed with Tôlerie Forézienne, and the prize-winning CCC project also in 2009 which received the Grand Prix of the city of Paris.

By postponing the moment when an object takes shape, his projects can encompass as much information as possible for the design. For him, design is a mindful action, in which all his responses contribute to creating the environment.

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