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From June 23 to Septembre 23, the A Summer in Le Havre application (by ArtMapper) lets you discover Le Havre using geolocation. It has been specially designed to accompany users on the 3 discovery tours created by Jean Blaise, the event’s artistic director, celebrating the 500th anniversary of the city and the port. 

Each step in the visit comes with multimedia content revealing the secrets behind the works created for the event and Le Havre’s rich heritage. At each point of interest, learn more about the city as you discover how the works were made, read the technical details, pick up practical info and enjoy anecdotes.

The "Around me" mode makes it possible to find out, at any time, about the points of interest, as well as the shops, cafés, restaurants, accommodation and the service providers with "Ambassadors of Commerce" certification located nearby.

The A Summer in Le Havre app comes from ArtMapper, the cultural mediation application platform designed for use in the public space by reciproque. ArtMapper received the innovative cultural digital service label from the French Ministry of Culture and Communication in 2014.

The A Summer in Le Havre app is free to download for Google Play and App Store.

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